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Shooting an animal in the head guarantees an instant kill, and so does the heart. That's what we took away from this Deer Hunter 2014 trailer. Just as the creature's about the strike, this upcoming game from Glu reveals the heart, which you'll immediately blast using a wide assortment of high-powered rifles. Bears? Zebras? Deer? All of them will succumb to your itchy trigger finger when the title launches for iOS and Android in the coming months.


Your task in Deer Hunter 2014 is to head out on a series of stealthy woodland hunts, in order to take down a specific number and type of animals. Your weapons are many and varied, from traditional hunting rifles, to pistols, shotguns, and even assault rifles if you're in it for the laughs. As for your prey, they range from fleeting ducks in the sky, to wolves that fight back if you don't take a clean shot, and the more gentle deer of the woodlands who conveniently fall over without too much fight.

There's not a huge area to roam in each of the three regions on offer in this edition, but you do get the chance to sidle into position by tapping on the left and right hand sides of the screens, so as to get a better angle on your prey. Once in position, it's a case of getting your sights into an approximate position, then refining your shot by tapping on the aim function. From here, you can zoom in a little before sounding the crack of your shot across the tranquil forest.


There are a few other tricks you can weave into your shots though. For a start, you can add an infra-red overlay that allows you to see the internal organs of your unwitting victim. Some missions require a specific shot type (to the heart, for example, or the lung), but even without these stipulations you might want to make use of this view, as you're rewarded with bonus cash for nailing these tricky precision shots.

And with that cash you can unlock a whole plethora of upgrades, and also purchase new weapons too. You might want to improve your sights, for example, allowing you to zoom in a little closer, or improve the power of your shots, or just make the gun a little more stable so that it's easier to line up your shot. These upgrades get progressively more expensive, of course, and so those without the patience to grind things out a little will have to hit up the in-app purchase store for the best upgrades. An energy meter - one that refills over time - also limits gameplay unless you pay to top it up.


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There's no denying that all of the Deer Hunter games are a bit of a guilty pleasure, particularly if you're far from being a fan of real-life hunting. But in pure gameplay terms this is a really solid game with undeniably satisfying shooting mechanics. Sophisticated it ain't, but if you can stomach the subject matter and the gentle nudges towards the in-app purchase store, this is as fine a way to kill a ten minute wait as any other.


Deer Hunter 2014 is certainly a slickly designed shooting game. Here are all of the best tips we picked up while playing the game.

Deer Hunter 2014 Cheats & Tips

- It'll be a long time until you have enough cash to max out any one gun, so we recommend letting the mission system guide you towards your next upgrade. Before going on a hunt, you'll be provided with a list of suggested upgrades. Work towards these first.

- In certain missions, you'll be tasked with shooting an animal either in the heart or one of the lungs. You'll need the infrared power activated to be able to see these vital organs - the heart sits in the middle, and the lungs are either side of the heart. Pay close attention to the requirements of a mission before starting.

Deer Hunter 2014 Cheats & Tips

- Struggling to hit the ducks in the contract hunting work? Once you've established the general direction the bird is flying in, move your gun sights a little ahead of its flight path, and simply wait for the duck to fly through your crosshairs before firing. You don't have to hit the bird dead-center either - as long as you strike within the general hit window, you should have no trouble taking the duck down.

- Bored of waiting for the energy meter to refill? You can't advance your system clock to refill it quickly, but you can use some of the gold bars that you earn to top it up straight away. Use this precious resource sparingly though - sometimes it's better to wait a few minutes than to blow through your whole stash.


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